Family Risk Management

Protecting your family from the day you die

Death is a hard thing to talk about, and even harder to plan for.

Here at FRisk, we believe that once you know the risks your family face on your death, you will want to fix it now.

How It Works

Your bespoke FRisk report and recommendations are just 3 steps away
Step 1: Register and Enter your family data

You will be asked to answer a series of questions (many with drop down responses to choose from) and also some basic details about your finances (you don’t need precise figures). The survey takes less than 10 minutes but you can pause and return to it at anytime.

Step 2: View your report

Your Frisk Report is personal to you and your family – it summarises everything you need to know about what your family will face were you to die without proper planning in place and makes recommendations for each of those risks if required. As a Certainty introduction, access to your report requires a single online secure payment of £14.99 inclusive of vat.

Step 3: Get Help

With a single click, FRisk can introduce you to those organisations best placed to assist you in removing the risks to your family.

Invest in your loved ones' future
RRP: £19.99
Your reduced fee of £14.99!